UPHIE Services

UPHIE is designed to offer any provider of Health IT deployment the advantage of data sharing.

No implemented EHR

No Technology
  • Browser-based secure web portal access
  • Access UPHIE Virtual Health Record (VHR)
  • View patient charts (ADTs, CCDs/C-CDAs)
  • Secure direct messaging
  • Receive patient specific ADT alerts
  • Receive patient specific discharge summaries
  • View lab and radiology results

Implemented EHR w/ no gateway technology

Medium Technology
  • Access UPHIE Virtual Health Record (VHR)
  • HL7 ADT interface integration with HIE
  • HL7 lab & radiology interface integration with HIE
  • Lab & radiology results delivery to EHR & JVHL
  • Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) delivery
  • State of Michigan Public Health Reporting

Implemented EHR w/ gateway integration

High Technology
  • Bi-directional C-CDA chart push and pull
  • UPHIE VHR patient data displayed via EHR
  • Lab & radiology results delivery to EHR & JVHL
  • Bi-directional State of Michigan Public Health Reporting

UPHIE Use Cases

MCIR Immunization Interface

The immunization interface eliminates duplication of entering immunizations into an EMR and the State of Michigan’s MCIR Single Sign-on. It automatically transfers the information to the State from your EMR.

Query by Parameter (QBP) Immunization History & Forecasting

Allows organizations to send electronic queries through the statewide health information network to an Immunization Information System to retrieve electronic data containing a patient’s immunization records.

Reportable Labs (MDSS) Interface

The Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS) is a system that allows for the electronic capture of disease data for the tracking and case management of communicable disease. MDSS fulfills the physician communicable disease reporting requirements and has the ability to receive HL7 laboratory reports using LOINC and SNOMED codes for lab tests and results.

Syndromic Surveillance (MSSS) Interface

The Michigan Syndromic Surveillance System (MSSS) is a real-time surveillance system that tracks the chief presenting complaints from healthcare providers, allowing public health officials and providers to monitor trends and investigate unusual increases in symptoms.

Statewide Lab Result Submission

Allows participants to electronically deliver demographic and test order information for specimens that were sent to the state lab for testing and receive those results more quickly.

Lab & Radiology Result Delivery

We deliver raw, discrete, reportable labs and radiology reports directly to providers electronic medical record systems. Imaging coming soon!

Physician Payer Quality Collaborative (PPQC)

Enables providers and payers to consolidate and standardize the electronic exchange of quality-related data and performance results, along with gaps in care reporting.

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Allows organizations to send data to UPHIE/MiHIN and to other care team members and participating organizations to support care coordination and population health.

Active Care Relationship Service (ACRS)

This use case helps link patients with their care team members (providers who are involved in a patient’s care). It enables organizations to send data files which record the relationships between health professionals at that organization and their patients. This data is then used to accurately route information for these patients to all members of the care team.

Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Alerting

The statewide notification service enables practitioners to receive real-time all-payer Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) alerts for their patients so they can improve patient care coordination.

Discharge Summary Delivery (C-CDA)

This use case provides real-time delivery of discharge summaries for healthcare workers via C-CDA at the time of discharge with other care team members and organizations, including physicians, practices, pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare workers on the care team.

Common Key Service (CKS)

Provides a consistent and reliable way to match patients with their electronic health information across multiple organizations, applications, and services.

Super Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA)

Provides caregivers the ability to view consolidated discharge summaries over time in one centralized view from multiple healthcare systems statewide.

Advance Care Documents

Supports the electronic storage and retrieval of ACDs from any organization participating statewide.

Electronic Referrals

An electronic exchange of referrals through an Interconnected Referral Network (IRN) can help improve the quality, efficiency, and cost of healthcare.

C-CDA Exchange

We offer the ability for integrated push and pull queries of discharge summaries within your own electronic medical record system.

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Enables providers and patients to utilize a telehealth app that involves ALL members of the care team. RPM devices or ‘smart devices’ can also be linked so caregivers and patients have a streamlined way for monitoring and engagement.

Direct Secure Messaging


Health Provider Directory (HPD)

Repository of physician names, entities, affiliations and direct addresses at the U.P. and State Level which can be integrated within the HISP contact list.

Certificate Repository

Repository of security certificates for authorized users of HIE services.

DIRECT Gateway

Adaptor that transforms messages from one standard to another without decrypting the message with incorporation within MS Outlook.

Web Portal Mailbox

Secure, encrypted mailbox for users without a standards compliant EHR.

Advanced Clinical Data Analytics




Data analytics, business intelligence, population health & gaps in care reporting, and clinical decision support (CDS).

Algorithm Development & Statistical Modeling


Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning


Data Visualization


Other Value-added Services

  • Boots on the ground assistance & elbow support
  • Contract negotiation & assistance
  • Data quality & conformance support
  • Grant & collaboration opportunities
  • Incentive program assistance & support
  • Workflow analysis & process improvement services
  • Privacy & security assistance
  • System archiving, transition & migration services
  • Technology assessments & implementation assistance
  • Telehealth & remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions
  • U.P. wide lab & radiology result hub
  • Vendor selection & liaison assistance